Me with LaJon Witherspoon (Vox) of Sevendust

Atlanta 's Sevendust appeared on the Locobazooka 2002 Tour in support of their newest album "Animosity." It is the best album that they have released to date.
This was my second time seeing Sevendust. What can I say? They put on a first-rate show! It was easy to see why they were chosen to headline the tour.
I was up on the stage and got to witness first hand why this band is just so damn good.
They are just the full package; every member is a pleasure to watch and extremely talented. These guys are heavy with an incredible rhythm section, but they are also very melodic. And, LaJon has one of the best voices in rock today, and his presence on stage is tremendous.

Right from the opening notes of "Black" the band delivered an awesome performance. Their years of experience as road dogs showed in their energy and ability to connect with the audience. They whipped the crowd into a frenzy despite the temperature in the high 90's, and a lack of readily available drinking water. (I had to leave the front after "Rumble Fish" because the dust being kicked up from the mosh pit was so bad I was choking.).
Elias Soriano from Nonpoint joined Sevendust on stage to perform the song "Angel's Son." It really touched a lot of people in the crowd. I saw several people around me in tears as LaJon explained how much of a blessing life is.

The band also announced that they were filming for the filming the video for "Crucified." Out came the cameras and the crowd went crazy.

Sevendust closed with the song, "Bitch," and the crowd loved it. They seemed a bit disappointed with the fact that the band did not perform an encore.

After the band's set, Emo and I went back to the band's bus to hang out. They were really friendly and fun to hang out with. Very down to earth. I can't wait to see this band again.