Bad Religion
Inland Invasion II
September 14, 2002


Bad Religion Bassist: Jay Bentley with Tom.

Bad Religion is one of the prides of the L.A./SoCal Punk scene. They began in the 80's and still are a vital voice in the Punk community. Not only does this band play awesome music, they have the ability to still make a social and/or political statement in the lyrics to their songs. (This is a talent that seems to be possesed by fewer and fewer bands with today's "get-it-out-there-and-sell-sell-sell" mentality.)
I first met the guys in Bad Religion a few years ago on the Warped Tour and they were great. So when I was asked if I wanted to interview Jay Bentley, the band's bass player, I jumped at the chance. I hadn't planned on talking to him, so I was somewhat unprepared, and shot from the hip with a bunch of questions. At first it was a little tough to get Jay to talk, but after a few questions, he opened up and the interview went well.
A few hours later the band played on the main stage and really showed the crowd why they deserve the respect that they get.
They ripped through their intense set with a cathartic passion, pouring out their ideas and letting them sink into the eager, hungry minds of the audience. A stunning performance.

"I'm not here to promote punk rock, or to…uhh…uhh…create some scene of robots. I really want everyone to think for themselves. That's what it was always about to me." - Jay Bentley