Inland Invasion II - September 14, 2002


Arriving on the scene in 1980, Birmingham's G.B.H (Grievous Bodily Harm) quickly joined the top ranks of England's second-generation punk movement. They should not be confused with the new-wave group of the same name.
G.B.H. fused their politicized punk wrath with speed metal/hardcore firepower. Wrapping their nihilistic punk swagger and aggressive attitude in a full-metal jacket, G.B.H. dive head long into a reckless whirlwind of sound. One of the most popular and longest-enduring of the punk genre, they continue to be an important force in punk and hardcore.
Their malevolent blend of political commentary and brutal punk riffs display a refined and intelligent political punk sensibility that has influenced countless bands.
Some of their most important albums (and songs) include:
City Baby Attacked by Rats ("Slut" & "The Prayer of a Realist")
City Baby's Revenge ("Diplomatic Immunity," & Stooges cover -"I Feel Alright")
Oh No EP ("Malice in Wonderland")
Midnight Madness ("Limp-wristed")
These albums present the volatile hardcore guerrillas at their most slamming and should be included in the CD collection of any self-respecting collector of serious punk rock.

The current G.B.H. line-up comprises the original core trio of Colin (Col) Abrahall on Vocals, Colin (Jock) Blyth on Guitar and Ross Lomas on Bass. Scott Preece, formerly of 'Bomb Disneyland' is the current drummer, making him the band's fourth to date. The band has been performing in support of their 2002 release "Ha Ha."