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Me with (L-R) Brian St. Clair and Scott Lucas
The song "Bound for the Floor" by Local H made an entire generation of stoners collectively open up their dictionaries and look up the word "copacetic." This expanding of stoner vocabulary is not a bad thing - and neither is their music.

Local H is comprised of Singer/Guitarist David Scott Lucas (call him Scott) and Drummer Brian St. Clair. For just two guys they make a lot of noise and really get the crowd going. The capacity crowd at The Lost Horizon didn't seem to mind the extreme heat inside the club as Local H banged out hits from their past albums as well as material from their newest release "Here Comes the Zoo" on the Palm Pictures label.

The guys were on the money all night long. The tunes were well played and a few required the help of the road crew to flesh out the full sound. The crowd showed their appreciation by slamming, dancing and crowd surfing.

After the set, the guys met with fans in the club and signed autographs before heading to another Syracuse club to catch the show by the band Guided by Voices.

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