The Bridge Street Music Hall, Syracuse's Premier Rock Club, was the scene to be seen at on January 15th. The 'Cuse has its fair share of loud, heavy bands but it is always a treat when the band Kittie stops in to heat things up. And heat things up they did.
Though the weather was frightfully cold, the band was smoking hot, both musically and personally. But don't let their good looks and charm fool you. The trio of Morgan Lander (Guitar/Vocals) , Mercedes Lander (Drums), and Jennifer Arroyo (Bass/Backing Vocals), along with touring guitarist Jeff Phillips really heated it up inside the Bridge Street Music Hall. This band will make you sweat.
One part glam rock and one part death metal, this band can get down and dirty with the best of them. They are HEAVY and LOUD! (Let's just say that next to them the girls in L7 sound like Barry Manilow.)
Formed in 1997 when the girls were still in High School, the members of Kittie have literally had to claw their way to where they are today.

Originally dismissed as a novelty act by many of the male persuasion, the band toured non-stop for several years, and now, two albums and two EP's later, they are finally getting a portion of the respect that they truly deserve.
They have toured wih Pantera, Slipknot, Soulfly, and others. They have done the OZZFest tour, co-headlined the Sno Core Tour, and headlined many solo tours as well. Not band for a bunch of girls from Canada.
The bands newest release is an eight song EP entitled Safe. It features a KMFDM remix of the song "Safe" from Kittie's full length album Oracle as well as live performances recorded at the House of Blues in Anaheim, CA. It is an enhanced CD that contains live video footage as well. It is a must-have disc for collectors of seriously heavy music. Kittie will be on tour for the next several months. Catch them if you can. In the meantime, read my interview with Mercedes and Morgan.

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