My Tattoos

About Tom

Photo by Coleman Edwards

Photo by Eliza Carpenter

I collect Tattoos. I have been worked on by: Rusty Savage, Jeff Yeldon at Tattoo Depot in Liverpool NY, Joe Jordan (deceased), Doug Bouer, Scott at Electric Circus in Mattydale, NY, and JDFlash, as well as Matt Terry at Skin Funk Tattoo in Cicero NY. I also have a piece that was done by Eva Nedeljkovic in Paris, France and a piece by Renée of Eddy & Renée's Tattoos in Tucson, AZ. I currently have 34 pieces. Eventually, I will have one!
The Spy VS. Spy tattoos are on the legs of my brother TJ (white) and myself (black).

You don't see all 34 in these pictures, but you get the idea! I am having an X-Files theme done on my back and already have Mulder And Scully on my lower back. I am also Pierced. Guess where!?
(Never mind! Get your head out of the gutter!)

Photos by Coleman Edwards