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Jason, Me, Mike (producer), & Kevin

I went to Austin, Texas to check out the live music scene and got really lucky. On February 28 the band known as
...And You will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead was kicking off their U.S. Tour at Emo's on 6th Street.
(Before I go any further let this be said: If your best friend's name is EMO, you had better damn well check out any club by that name, so I did.)
I had read about these guys in Maxim Magazine and decided that it would be cool to see their show. I was sooo glad that I did! The boys from Austin put the smack down on the capacity crowd in their hometown and started their tour on a high note.
The driving guitars and killer vocals do a lot to seperate this band from the flotsam that collects in the music industry and will keep seperating them for years to come.
It would be easy of some reviewers to lump this band in as "just another punk rock or emo band" but it's really much more than that. These guys seperate themselves with great songs and lyrics that would leave other bands in the Texas dust.
The energy of the show was amazing as the band went from song to song with few breaks in the music. The guitar player's Pete Townsend-style windmills were fun to watch, but the highlight of the evening came at the close of the show as the drummer and lead singer switched places and literally wrecked the joint. At the end of the last song the band completely destroyed their equipment leaving the crowd screaming for more...What a show! (*****)
If you will know them by the Trail of Dead, then count me among the deceased, because this band is a killer. If you only catch one concert this year, SEE THIS BAND!!! You will be glad you did.




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