Bim Skala Bim made a stop in the 'Cuse and added some extra "HOPS" to the mix in a FREE show at the Empire Brewing Company.
Being that it is literally accross the street from The Blue Tusk, I couldn't miss this show. My friend Chris is a manager there and got me a few moments with the band during their sound check and even took the photo on the left. What a great bunch of guys. I told them about what I do and gave them each a TATW button.
I thanked the guys for their time and said that I would see them later at the show. I had to work at The Blue Tusk that night but I took a break from working at the 'Tusk and caught the band's set.
The ska flowed as freely as the beer when the Boys from Boston cut loose with their up-tempo, manic sounds. If you weren't moving to the groove that these guys laid down, you should see a doctor because YOU'RE DEAD! These guys didn't get to be America's longest playing ska band without good reason.
This is the stuff you listen to when you've got to move. (I play these guys a lot when I am cleaning house on account of the fact that I get all excited and dancing around as I work and before I know it - I'm done.) I have this theory that if a band has horns it will make you happy and this is a band that helps prove it.