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Mushroomhead guitarist Bronson

The eight man band known as Mushroomhead are troopers. It was nearly 100 degrees, but it wasn't hot enough to keep the guys from Cleveland down. They were out there doing their thing in full length jumpsuits and latex masks.

Their's was by far the best performance of the day!

The dual vocals of J Mann and Jeffrey Nothing added a twisted sense of urgency to the thunderous sounds created by Bronson & Gravy on guitars, Shmotz on keyboard, Pig Benis on bass, Stitch on samples, and the band's founder, Skinny on drums.

During the third song of the set, giant confetti cannons filled the air with colored paper.

The band slammed the crowd mercilessly with songs such as Solitaire Unraveling, BWOMP, and a seriously heavy cover of the Pink Floyd classic "Empty Spaces."

They whipped the steaming crowd into a frenzy of elbows and combat boots. The dust cloud that got kicked up was enough to choke you, but the fans at the Oswego Speedway didn't seem to mind.

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