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Blaine Cartwright (Guitar/Vocal) & Me

Just for starters: If you try to find info on this band on the internet by entering "Nashville Pussy" into any search engine all you get is links to PORN sites, (Not so bad unto itself - wink, wink), but, if you are like me and just want info about what you're looking for, I will save you some trouble. The link is: www.nashvillepussy.com
I had heard of Nasville Pussy before this but had never really checked out their music. (A great big "Oops!" on my part) But, thanks to my love of the Rev. Horton Heat, I got turned on to them. "Better late than never," they say... I learned that Nashville Pussy ROCKS! The quartet of two guys and two gals is an explosive, energy-charged experience that will amaze and astound you. I caught the band's frenzied set at Armory High in Syracuse while they were on tour with The Reverend Horton Heat and The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs, and I was blown away. Hell, these guys even got a Grammy nomination for a song off of their cd titled: "Let Them Eat Pussy" - I think they should get an award for the title! See this band!


Armory High