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Who Is Tom?

All About Tom


Full Name: Tom B. Carpenter
Nicknames: Sarge, TomAroundTheWorld

Birth date: January 3rd
Hometown: Syracuse, NY
Hair color: Red - but it changes...
Eye Color: Grey/green with gold ring
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: Yeah, right!
Piercings or Tattoos: Lots and Lots
Glasses? Yes
Me in one word: Enigmatic

Just The Facts...
Parents (not necessarily biological): Beth & Tim (stepfather) Ellsworth - (Stepmother): Diane Carpenter

Do I get along with my parents? Who does?

Siblings: Barbara Belakbir; Christopher Carpenter; Timothy Ellsworth II

Family in a nutshell: Weird, but a good weird

Current School: School of Hard Knocks

Best Friends: Chrissy Munari & Matt Streeter, Shannon Dickinson,
& Sara Ramsey

Jobs: Lead singer of the Born Again Savages, Writer, Blogger, Proprietor of KingWeasel.com

Best Days of my life, so far: The births of my daughters & meeting Johnny Rotten

Things I like to do: Try me; I'm open to suggestions!

Boxers or briefs? Boxer briefs

Bacon bits or croutons? Both

Do I drink? Yes

Have I ever been skinny-dipping? Yes, who hasn't?

Things I collect: SKULLS! Tattoos, comics, Rock & Roll Memorabilia, and Simpsons stuff

Best advice ever given: Nothing is impossible, so never give up

What would I title my autobiography: TOM: The Story So Far...

What would the first line be of my autobiography? "The strangest things happen to me."

Dream Car: Custom painted, tricked out JEEP

Fave things to do in the Summer: Outdoor concerts, hiking, camping, and swimming

Fave things to do in the Fall: Concerts, Hiking, and Movies

Fave thing to do in the Winter: Watching movies & baking

Fave thing to do after work: Chill with friends

Little-known talent I possess: I can't mention it, but the ladies like it! (Wink, wink, say no more!)

Special skills or talents: World's Greatest Joke Teller, Lead Singer, Bouncer, Ultimate Rodney Dangerfield impression, (Also see above...Wink, Wink, nudge, nudge.)

Character traits I look for most in a girl: Honesty, Loyalty, & Sense of Humor

Most beautiful people I know: My daughters, Kathy & Eliza, my Gram: Barbara Knowles

Current crush: ???

Current Girlfriend: Single

What I want to be: Myself

Future goals: Too many to list

Religion/Denomination (if any): Atheist

Fave Actor and Actress: - TV: The Simpsons Cast, Pushing Daisies Cast, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson - Film: Johnny Depp & Faruza Balk

Fave Movies: Rocky Horror Picture Show, Natural Born Killers (Director's Cut), Mad Max series, Star Wars, Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas (and pretty much EVERYTHING else he made...), Pirates of the Caribbean, many more

Fave TV Shows: The Simpsons, The Young Ones, The X-Files, Pushing Daisies, The Walking Dead, and

Fave animals: DOGS! also... Weasels and Dolphins

Favorite Comic Book Heroes: Tie: Judge Dredd and Batman

Favorite Stuffed Animal: Norman, a stuffed dog I've had since Birth, and Mr. Bear, my first Teddy Bear

Tattoos or Piercings?: Lots! (Click to see My Tattoos)

Fave music: I listen to everything from classical to rap, and everything in between, but my favorite is PUNK

Groups/Singers I enjoy: Social Distortion, The Pogues, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, KISS, Sex Pistols, Shock Nagasaki, Plan 607, and many, many, many more

Fave color(s): Black and blue with splashes of red. Also silver and green

Fave Cartoon characters: Pepè lePew (he taught me all I know about romance), Homer Simpson

The worst thing I despise: Waiting for uploads and downloads

Quote to live by: Carpe Diem


Least Fave food: liver

Favorite ice cream: Vanilla with Hershey's Syrup from the CAN (it's thicker)

Favorite soda: Saranac Micro-Brewed Root Beer

What's my bedtime? What IS a bedtime? I don't understand the question.

Who do I think should run for President? Me

I would mop floors to meet these people: HeroQuest Campaign

Most influential person in my life: Barbara Knowles (my grandmother)

If I could donate $50,000 to any cause it would be:

The movie of my life would star: Drew Carey

Philosophy in life: Never give up-NOTHING is impossible!

Favorite cologne: Polo or Polo Sport, Cool Water

Favorite perfume for ladies: Obsession

Favorite website: TomAroundTheWorld.com ...Duh!

Favorite alcoholic drinks: Southern Comfort and Coke, Drambue, Woodchuck Cider

Wine, Champagne, or Beer? All 3

Most humiliating moment? I DON'T want to talk about it...

Silliest people I know: My Girls - Kathy and Eliza

Loudest person I know: Lynn Capone

Fave vacationing spot: Anywhere outside of Syracuse

Fave subjects: Music, Morel Hunting, History, Politics, Religion

Fave sport to play: Coed naked Twister. Everything else is just organized "Fetch"

Fave Books: England's Dreaming by Jon Savage - Rotten: No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs by John Lyden - and many, many more

Book I would like to read: Any that interest me.

Fave Day: Saturday

Fave Month: October

Fave Holiday: Halloween!! :o)

Fave part of the newspaper: Comics... especially Get Fuzzy and Pearls Before Swine. Check them out. They are the greatest comic strips since Calvin & Hobbes.

Fave thing to wear: My birthday suit...when appropriate. Otherwise, Army pants and t-shirt

I'd love to punch this person out: If I told you, it would ruin their surprise...




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